The unit of reactance (unit of imaginary impedance) should be the Doh. As reactive power has its own unit (VAR's Volt-Amperes Reactive) to distinguish it from real power (Watts), so should the proportionality unit have its own, too. As resistance (real impedance) has the unit Ohm, the reactance can have the unit Doh, to be understood as an abbreviation of Ohms Reactive, or Ohm-R's.
The Doh could be a quasi-formal unit, much as Mho holds as the unit of conductivity (officially Siemens). It even gives rise to a mnemonic: "Inverse of Ohm is Mho, imaginary part is D'oh!" This could be known as the Annoyed Grunt relation.
Similarly, the inverse of Dohs could be Cows (Mho-R's).
This work of parody is copyrighted, 2017.